New Super Vege Tip Top range

Tip Top release vege-infused bread loaves and beetroot burger buns

NZ 26/01/2022

Normally if your bread starts to look like the wrong colour, you toss it out.

But Tip Top have embraced weird coloured breads and made a collection of new products.

Tip Top Super Vege breads have now been infused with 20% of vegetables in each slide, with a choice of spinach, carrot and beetroot to choose from.

And what's better than sliced bread? Deluxe beetroot burger buns have also been added to their range


The different coloured breads and buns have achieved their appearance from natural vegetable powders, and has more fibre than regular breads and buns.

Those who have tried the new products have raved about the fun colour, and reviewed that the bread is soft but the vegetable flavour is not overpowering.

The new vege bread range is available at most supermarkets now.