Woman takes one bobby pin and eventually trades it up to a house

omg 15/01/2022

It started with trading one simple bobby pin for a pair of earrings.

It took 18 months and 27 trades later, and the woman who started with one bobby pin ended up securing a two-bedroom house worth $80,000 USD (NZ$117,488).

And what's amazing about her journey is now she wants to trade this house for a bobby pin and start all over again.

Demi Skipper, who owns the TikTok account the @trademeproject, has racked up 5 million followers and nearly 64 million likes documenting the dramatic journey it took to exchange her way up to a house in Tennessee.

Her 28 trades included four cars, three pairs of sneakers, a MacBook Pro, a snowboard and a tiny cabin on wheels. She dealt with closed borders, a diamond exchange gone wrong and plenty critics on the way.

The initial inspiration for her project during lockdown came from a TED talk by Kyle MacDonald, who had done a similar feat by starting with a paperclip and ending up with a house in 2005.

Finding out that no one had done a similar feat in the past 15 years motivated her to give it a go herself.

Now that she's got her house, she and her husband plan to move in, renovate that house, then trade that house for a bobby pin and restart her journey.

"Somebody out there who really needs this house is going to get a fully paid off house courtesy of these trades, and I'm gonna get a bobby pin," she told TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

And Ellen, getting on board with her next round of trades, has already offered to take Demi's next bobby pin and trade it for a pair of VIP tickets to The Ellen Show's last season.

Think it's fair to say that these next couple of trades are going to be very easy to complete!

Watch Ellen DeGeneres talk to @TradeMeProject's Demi Skipper on her show in the video above.