'Celine Dion' has returned to torture West Aucklanders again

NZ 08/02/2022

West Auckland, best known for 'Outrageous Fortune', the Shortland Street set and Piha Beach, is starting to get a real reputation for Celine Dion.

Back in 2019, a massive fan of Celine Dion was reported to be torturing their fellow neighbours by playing 'My Heart Will Go On' for hours through loudspeakers each week in Te Atatū Peninsula.

Now, the residents have noticed their return. Over the summer, up to 50 cars park up at the Concourse in nearby Henderson, where they blast music throughout the night, reports Stuff.

While they've broaden their playlist, Celine Dion still remains a firm favourite, between 'My Heart Will Go On' and 'The Power Of Love'.

“They’ve ruined our summer. We can’t eat outside and enjoy the lovely evenings, kids get woken up at 2am in the morning. We shouldn’t have to live like this," said one resident, who said they were at "breaking point."

The loud Celine songs has gotten so frustrating for people, some neighbours have put their home on the market.

A Police spokesman said that, depending on the circumstances, drivers would be issued with an infringement notice or a non-operating order on a car if it is being a nuisence with their externally mounted speakers.

Te Atatu isn't the only suburb who has suffered at the sounds of Celine Dion, with residents in Auckland's Onehunga annoyed by her songs in the early hours of the morning back in 2020.