Mum sparks debate with 'genius' method to create more space in your wheelie bin

trending 04/03/2022

Laura Williams, a mum from the UK has been praised as a 'genius' for her space-saving wheelie bin hack, but not everyone is convinced - as many say her trick will only make her house 'smell'.

Laura took her 'rubbish hack' to Tiktok as a solution to create more space by simply removing the extra air from your kitchen bin bag so that it's more compact when it goes out into the wheelie bin.

The video has received over 3.4 million views, but the 'trick' has split opinions online with some people thinking the use of a vacuum would create an awful smell in your home.

One person said: "If you did this with your bin bag, all the vile smells from your waste would end up around your house. Not a wise video."

While another added: "The theory is amazing, but I can only imagine how bad it would smell. Like the smell of dust mixed with the bin smell that escapes the vacuum cleaner."

And a third claimed: "Yeah ... I would not advise doing this as the smells from the bin get pushed about the house more by the hoover."

Can't win them all - but use that tip with your own discretion!