Petrol pump getting more expensive for Kiwis

Petrol company warns fuel prices will increase from 6pm tonight

NZ 11/03/2022

Hope you love to walk Kiwis - because the price of petrol is expected to go up yet again!

Hamilton-based fuel supplier Waitomo Group has warned that the increase in prices overseas is about to have flow on effect on pumps in Aotearoa.

"Today, we've been advised by our supplier that prices are increasing, with the biggest single jump in our wholesale price seen in my time," managing director Jimmy Ormsby said in a press release today.

"Despite keeping our own costs as low as we can, so we can deliver the fairest pump prices while ensuring we remain sustainable ourselves, we can't absorb all that rise ourselves - so pump prices are going to have to respond."

Get in now, fill up as much as you can. We will supply as much as we can at the lower price until 6pm, but from then on, prices will start climbing, reflecting the unprecedented price increase we've received.

Petrol has already surpassed the $3 mark in many metro markets, with some places reporting $3.40 in Auckland's cental city.

Might pay to try a few cost-cutting measures when you're driving your car next time, and to use this app to shop around for the best price.