Toddler impresses with her amazing vocabulary


One future nurse has impressed millions of TikTokers with her medical knowledge, however, there's only one problem she's still got about twenty years until she's old enough to start working.

Two-year-old Emma is fascinated with all things healthcare, in the viral video she explains what an otoscope and sphygmomanometer do, practices treating her stuffed bunny for anaphylactic shock, and even administers a nebulizer treatment.

The video has gone viral, clocking up almost 1.1 million views, and thousand's of comments.

"Just had the worst shift of my career and this made me feel love for nursing again," wrote one.

"As a very tired nurse the second she said nurse I immediately started crying. I didn't know I needed her to show me why I'm a nurse. Thank you," wrote another.

"This got me emotional as a burned-out nurse thinking of changing professions. That baby reminded me why I chose to be a nurse," said another.

Other commenters saw another upside to Emma's medical obsession. "This is also SUCH a good way to help kids feel comfortable around medical equipment! When she goes to the doctor, she won't be scared of the tools," they said.