Woman has worst time getting stuck in cruise ship water slide three times


A whiz around a waterslide on a cruise ship off the coast of Mexico sounds like the dream to many. However, for one lady it turned into an pleasant state of deja vu - getting stuck in the waterslide a record three times.

Passengers were horrified when a woman was left hovering over the ocean after she attempted to enjoy the waterslide on her cruise. The video was posted to TikTok and has accumulated over 15 million views.

Talking to Daily Mail, Paige, the woman in the video, explained: 'I kept getting stuck because apparently, I was too light and small to make it all the way around. However, I’ve seen smaller people complete the slide.

It’s an absolute mystery as to why I failed so many times even the staff were baffled.

“I’m having trouble breathing just watching this,” wrote one aghast person, while another commented, “Omg my biggest fears unlocked.”

“You that is super scary I’m claustrophobic so that does not help,” said another.

“My heart rate accelerated watching this. Stuck in a clear tube suspended over the ocean … NOPE,” another added.

The good news is, she was able to exit the slide without intervention from emergency services thanks to a hatch in the tube.

“It was so quick. By the time I walked that way she was out and ready to do the slide again.”