American kid develops Aussie accent from watching too much 'Bluey'


One mum is a little concerned her son may like the show 'Bluey' too much after he devoloping an Australian acent. 

The Tiktok video from user @lolasstrollas shows mum Candice asking her son to repeat the word 'no' which he does - in an Aussie sounding way and with a very cheeky smile.

Bluey is a popular Australian TV show which is loved by many children around the world and it looks like she isn't the only parent dealing with the same issue.

"My daughter used the word dunny for toilet the other day and calls her brother cheeky," one mum commented.

Another mum commented saying her son refers to "gas stations as petrol stations".

Candice's kid is not the only one to pick up a Bluey inspired accent, with another TikTok mum by the name of @theresar623 posting a video of her son saying "How was your day mate?" and "Have a beer in my house".

Good on ya mate!