Watch Allyson Gofton's biggest bloopers from 90's TV favourite 'Food in a Minute'


In the 90's, there were always a couple of signals to tell you that it was almost dinner time. The supermarkets would shut, the streetlights would come on, and TV cook Allyson Gofton would pop up - but just for a minute.

The iconic 'Food in a Minute' segment was one of the longest TV commercials you would get before the 6pm news. But each minute gave Kiwis guidance on how to make the heartiest of meals, usually with help from a Watties can of some description.

Even if you didn't remember the recipes, you'd sure remember the theme song.

The Spinoff recovered some of Allyson Gofton's best bloopers from the 90's segment after they celebrated their 25 years anniversary last year.

Our favourite blooper? Allyson holding a "hot" crockpot and wondering out loud if she "should be holding this with oven mitts." Even under the TV lights and chaos of a minute's cooking - Allyson's careful about kitchen safety!