Air fryers are the secret to reheating leftover pizza

trending 11/05/2022

Reheating last night's pizza is a great way to provide a meal for the kids when you're running low on time. But the optimal way to do it is far from being consensus. The microwave with a cup of water is popular, as is popping it in the oven, while others like to use a frying pan. 

a cheeeesy slice of pizza

Now, Farwin Simaak of 'Love and other spices' has thrown the air fryer into the great pizza debate. Simaak, whose website contains many air fryer recipes, says putting a slice of cold pizza into an air fryer gives it a "crispy crust [with] gooey melted cheese" in no time. It also "makes it easier for ... teens to fix up a quick snack for themselves". 

All it takes is five minutes in the air fryer, a tiny bit of oil, and if you want, a bit of extra cheese. After five minutes "it comes out just like you ordered from a pizza shop". If you want extra cheese, add it halfway through the cooking process as it can get a bit messy if you put it on at the start. 

It makes sense that the air-fryer is perfect for such a task. Its small size allows it to heat food up faster than a normal oven, and its use of hot air circulation means sogginess is no longer a worry. You get the timeliness of a microwave with the functionality of the oven!

Give it a go next time you're in a rush and let us know how it goes!