Dreading chapped lips this winter? This expert says you might be using your lip balm wrong

Must See 09/05/2022

A skincare expert has pointed out the one vital step most of us are missing when using lip balm to avoid chapped lips, and it's left us wondering how we didn't know this earlier. 

A Toronto-based medical aesthetician named Olivera has gone viral on TikTok for informing the world you should never apply lip balm or Vaseline to a dry lip. 

Hold on, we hear you saying, I thought that was the whole point? 

So did we.

But the thing is, products like lip balm and Vaseline create a seal around the lips and prevent moisture loss, but they don't actually add a lot of moisture themselves. 

The solution? Wet your lips with a bit of water before adding any balm - that way you'll be locking in the moisture rather than keeping it out. 

Makes a lot of sense, now that we think about it. 

Olivera also has a hack for those of us who suffer from dry hands during the colder months - layer on some Vaseline over top of your hand cream or moisturiser at night, and wake up to supple hands. 

Sounds good in theory, but won't someone please think of the bedsheets?