The world's first dog bed for humans claims to reduce stress and anxiety


Have you ever looked at your pet's bed and fantasized about being able to take a relaxing nap anywhere in your house?

Now, you can!

A couple of Canadian university students were so jealous of their dogs that they decided to make it happen.

The Plufl claims to be the world's first dog bed for humans intended to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

The bed is made with memory foam, orthopedic foam, and faux fur to provide a cosy experience.

“It is created to maximize comfort and foster a sense of security, delivering relief for those who have ADHD, stress, and anxiety-related issues,” the creators say.

Let's be honest - the dog is always jumping on the couch, so why shouldn't we switch it up? 

Unfortunately, the bed is not available in NZ…yet. 

But for the bank-breaking price of roughly $615 NZD, it better deliver a reeeally good nap. 

(Just between us - we have done a quick google and you can definitely find some similar options for a cheaper price)

These all look like a nappers dream and we’re feeling sleepy just looking at all the options.