Survey finds the top 30 things children 'must do' before starting school


If your young tamariki are about to start school, a list has come out with the top 30 things your child must have done before their first day. 

The survey that over 1000 parents took found that 89% of parents believe it is important to regularly introduce new things to their children, to help with their development.

The fun list of "must do" activities includes jumping in a puddle, making a friend and visiting their local swimming pool. However, almost two-thirds of parents (63%) believe their child has missed out on many of these key experiences due to the pandemic, with 78% agreeing their development has been held back because of this.


  1. Swim in a pool
  2. Jump in a puddle
  3. Make a friend
  4. Feed the ducks
  5. Have a birthday party
  6. Meet some friendly farm animals
  7. Go to a toy shop
  8. Go on a bouncy castle
  9. Paddle in the sea
  10. Dance with their parents
  11. Bake a cake
  12. Build a snowman
  13. Play with Playdough or slime
  14. Watch at least one Disney movie
  15. Have chips at the seaside
  16. Finger painting
  17. Jump into a big pile of crunchy autumn leaves
  18. Ride on a bus
  19. Dig a huge hole or build a sandcastle at the beach
  20. Wear fancy dress
  21. Have a teddy bear's picnic
  22. Make a sofa fort
  23. Plant a seed and see it grow
  24. Go to a funfair
  25. Use a bed like a trampoline
  26. Go on a treasure hunt
  27. Eat a Flake
  28. Go to the cinema
  29. Go on a bug hunt
  30. Scrape their knees