Woman only showers once a week, says her husband doesn't mind


Tiktoker, @reindropp (real name Reina), has caused the internet to stir after she said she “steps into a bathing receptacle once a week.”

Her main reason, she continues, is quite simply because she does not like it.

She does delve a bit deeper into why she does not like it. She thinks it takes too long; wet hair feels gross; that it's good for her skin; and that it’s " wasteful".

Apparently, her husband does not mind. At least "not enough to get the government involved", Reina said while flaunting her wedding ring

As one might expect, the comments are not so forgiving. Most commenters seemed to be confused and full of questions, though there is some sympathy.

tiktok comment comparing not showing because not liking it to not wiping buttocks after toilet because dont like it
tiktok comment saying "what kind of parents raised you"
tiktok comment praising her for being herself
tiktok comment saying "this has to be a joke"
comment sympathising with her as she feels the same way

Reina has clarified in later TikToks that she does actually clean herself, using a washcloth and some soap.

tik tok comment saying Reina does wash with a wash cloth

The confusion comes, she believes, due to semantics.

When she says ‘shower’ she refers to “the physical location of a shower with a showerhead”, whereas other people use the word shower to mean any form of washing/cleaning the body.