Kiwi bus driver goes viral for losing 25kg with his clever on-the-go workout

NZ 28/06/2022

A Dunedin bus driver has lost 25kg from his now-viral onboard skipping and push-up workout routine.

TikTok user @memphisbigbikkie captured one of the driver’s workouts on the streets of Dunedin.

Many took to the comments to praise the driver for staying active on the job.

“Great Job and I'm sure it will keep him active throughout the day,” one user commented.

“That's the attitude,” said a second.

A third added: “It's what you gotta do if you sit and drive all day! Self-care is a must.”

Vishal driving Dunedin bus
(Source: 1News)

It has since been revealed the driver is Vishal Pabby.

Vishal told 1News that he decided to incorporate exercise into his bus driving shifts after noticing how much time he spent sitting each day.

“Over the last five years, I realised I had gained weight because the main task of this job is sitting.”

Dunedin bus driver work out
(Source: 1News)

Now, he carries a gym bag on board, and whenever the bus stops or he takes his 20 minute break, Vishal uses the time to squeeze in a workout.

In his bag he carries a skipping rope, push-up stands and elastics to assist him in his routine.

Vishal said that throughout the day he tries “to maintain 200 push ups, 200 squats and around 800 to 1000 rope skips.”

I feel really positive, I can see and feel a lot of differences, positive differences in my wellbeing.

"Every morning I wake up, and I feel: 'OK, another day, let's do it!'"

Vishal's on-the-go gym has been approved by his management, and other staff have been inspired by his inventive way of working out on the road. 

So, don’t be too surprised to see any bus drivers pumping out a few push-ups in between stops on your next trip.