Hilarious Kmart bracelet typo leaves people in stitches


One eagle-eyed Kmart shopper has noticed a hilarious typo while shopping for a new bracelet for their kid. 

We’ve all seen those matching necklaces or bracelets boldly stating “Besties”, shared by best friends everywhere. Now imagine trying to buy a cute set for your child and their best friend just to notice the slightly x-rated mix-up where it should read “besties”.

Well, that was the reality for Melissa when she was shopping in Kmart…

Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor ❤

I had a bit of a chuckle on my Thursday night shop. I had to do a double take, thought my eyes were playing up on me haha

Melissa shared the pic to a Kmart Facebook group where people started to lose it in the comments: 

"Aw, how thoughtful- a special little something to give the man in your life who is about to undergo ‘the snip’ … !!"

"OMG how inappropriate...also which Kmart were they in...asking for a friend"

"I got these for my daughters best friend for her birthday this weekend. I should probably check them before she gifts them"

Do you think whoever put these together knew what they were doing… and where can we get one?!