This dog owner needs you to check your pup’s paws


There's a lot that goes into caring for our fluffy friends, but one dog owner has explained the importance of regularly cleaning and inspecting your dog's paws.

The 46-year-old New Yorker, Sabrina Giardina (, told other dog owners to regularly check their dog's paws for calluses and ingrown hairs.

And Sabrina knows her stuff, having Margot - a Great Dane who is five years old, and puppies Parker and Viola - who are three years old.

Have you seen this on your dog's feet?

But as soon as Sabrina begins clipping the supposed fur, it is clear that it isn't fur at all. It’s actually extra dry skin that can develop on paws and noses called paw pad hyperkeratosis. If neglected, it can lead to infections and cracking.

It’s easy to trim after a bath and trimming it causes zero pain, as a matter of fact it makes her feel better.

The video shocked people, who quickly fled to the comment section: "Never have I ever seen this!"

“I'm a dog groomer. Use a clipper with a #10 blade and shave them.
"They come off very easy and don't risk cutting their pads on accident.”

"This is both gross and deeply satisfying to watch lol,"