Kmart has just dropped a new affordable, trendy ‘August Living’ interior line


Kmart has just released a new interior line, August Living, designed to “make your home an oasis”.

The new products include something for every corner of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom, and the living room to the bathroom. 

A DIY element is also part of the range, as Kmart have included new wallpapers, flooring, curtains, blinds and heaps more.

Meryn Serong, the Divisional Merchandise Manager for Kmart, said in a press release that the new line is designed to bring a new sparkle to houses, while still being affordable as the cost of living rises.

“The home has become a sanctuary to many families in recent years,” she said.

“We wanted this August Living range to offer pieces that can help anyone refresh their space by adding some function or vibrancy, to create a calm and restful atmosphere they love, away from the stresses of everyday life.”

“As cost of living is on the rise, we remain committed to giving our incredible community great value and we are proud to continue to deliver on this with this range.”

The range consists of two main styles - timeless and urban. 

Timeless has light blues and pinks and contains “key trends such as block printed colours and chambray fabrics … complimented using nostalgic curves and trims to add a homely and comforting vibe to the range,” the department store said in a press release. 

On the other hand, the urban style has “bold monochrome silhouettes and expressive water colour prints that work in synergy to bring the theme to life.”

The new line came out yesterday, but more and more products will be released over the coming weeks. Head into a local Kmart to check it out, or visit their website.  

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