Lego NZ is turning an Auckland mall into a wonderland with life-size figures


To celebrate 90 years of play, Lego NZ is turning a mall into a playground that the whole family is bound to be stoked with. 

From the 10th of August to the 14th, Westfield Newmarket will be turning into a Lego wonderland with five life-sized Lego Minifigures to play with. 

Hip Hop Girl and Rocket Boy will be two of the Minifigures in attendance. Each Minifigure will provide its own unique and fun play moment, with break dancing and exploring space amongst the adventures on offer. 

LEGO Minifigures Rocket Boy and Hip Hop Girl will be there

The half-week of fun comes after Lego completed a study which showed 1 in 3 parents think their family needs to play more together, and nearly 9 out of 10 kids wished they could play more with their parents. 

We know if this was around when we were kids we'd be nagging mum and dad to get us there ASAP. 

And the best thing about the Lego being life-sized is we'll be saving our feet a whole lot of pain by not accidentally stepping on the pieces this time!

The Vice President and General Manager of Lego Australia & New Zealand, Troy Taylor, said the playground will be a celebration of the longevity of Lego, as well as a chance for families to get out of the house and have some well-earned fun. 

“We are excited to be celebrating an incredible milestone that only very few companies worldwide have been able to achieve,” he said in a statement.

“Amidst a global pandemic, we’ve learnt that play matters more than ever before which is why we want to bring back more play throughout the day than ever before,” he continued.

Families will get an hour and a half of play with the Minifigures, which is plenty of time for creations, laughs, and just a great time all around.

The Lego playground will be free to enter, and don't fret if you can't make it to Auckland at the time. Lego's website has a page to share and find fun play ideas, as well as by searching the hashtag #LEGO90years online.