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A giant crop circle in Aus had people freaking out - but doesn't that logo look a bit familiar?

A giant crop circle in Aus had people freaking out - but doesn't that logo look a bit familiar?

Was it aliens? We know who was behind this one!
25 June 2024 3:52PM

A massive crop circle suddenly appeared in New South Wales last week, causing confusion and hype around the prospect of aliens attempting to communicate with Aussies. 

Turns out the real architects of this design exist a bit closer to home - but their work remains pretty impressive. 

Stretching a whopping 50 metres in diameter, the crop circle first popped up on social media when YouTuber Rob Bowman (@user1980s) shared his drone footage of it.

He questioned: “Look at that! What is going on?”

Another YouTuber named Farmer Joe (@FarmerJoe50) uploaded a clip titled ‘Spotted - Mysterious people in hazmat suits’.

“I saw some weird stuff happening out on my neighbour’s field last night and set up my camera. Can anyone tell me what’s going on in this video before it cuts out?”

The video shows a bunch of suspicious-looking people roaming the same field where the mysterious crop circle appeared. 

Alien life? A prank by some very precise vandals? Turns out neither. In fact, the Lego Australia and NZ team were behind the whole thing. 

Now that you take a second look at it - you should be able to spot the iconic LEGO minifigure head and hand in the crop circle design.

So, why create a gigantic crop circle? A new study by LEGO reveals that 76% of Kiwi children aged 6-12 want to travel to space.

LEGO is dubbing them the ‘Space Generation’ and is keen to get more Kiwi kids tapping into their passion for space exploration.

Troy Taylor, Vice President and General Manager at LEGO Australia and New Zealand, said: “We are thrilled at the opportunity to nurture the Space Generation’s curious attitudes towards space, broadening their horizons to embrace the potential that lies beyond our planet.”

With NASA’s Artemis program planning to return people to the moon by the end of the decade, Gen Alpha (born between 2010 and 2025) are the most likely to travel into space - at least more so than other gens.

Until then, some epic space-themed LEGO sets will keep their curiosity cooking