Jase pays tribute to Christchurch

A date where 185 souls left the Garden City, and Kiwis were changed forever.


Grant's birthday surprise for Polly's birthday

We're not sure if the gift Grant & Lisa gave is for Polly, or Polly's kids...


The Breakfast Club share their own incredible everyday sporting moments

Sounds like a lot of luck was involved.


Avalanche City performs acoustic version of his song 'Prayed For Love'

What a great voice!


The Breakfast Club share the irrational things that grind their gears

Sometimes the little things can just really bug you


Jase hilariously attempts to ride a recumbent bike for the first time

Simon bought his recumbent bike around to the More FM studios to teach Jase how to ride.


Lana shares a touching poem for parents whose kids are moving out of home

We loved it Lana!


Mitch James performs 'Bright Blue Skies' live for Jase & Jay-Jay

Mitch James joined Jase & Jay-Jay in studio with his guitar to perform his latest single 'Bright Blue Skies'.


Polly's bizarre interaction with a chicken-eating Tradie

It was just a regular day in the life of Polly Gillespie, and a regular lunch for a chicken-loving tradie.


Gary comes clean about the 'saucy' act he got away with at work

What have you got away with at work?