Grant Robertson shares his message to Kiwis as COVID alert levels shift

Auckland moves to alert level 3 and the rest of the country level 2 today.

3 hours ago

Jay-Jay rediscovers her 'better, badder, brilliant' 17th birthday invite

The year is 1991, and 17-year-old Jay-Jay Feeney is throwing the biggest birthday bash New Plymouth has ever seen!


JMac cheekily tries to shift the blame from something that was so obviously him

"It wasn't me..."


Lana shares hilarious footage of her fiance Katie after her wisdom teeth removal

Poor Katie!


Jay-Jay has all her health problems "fixed" by Dr Flynny

There's a reason why Flynny works on the radio and not in the medical field.


Flynny couldn't help but inappropriately laugh during this emotional wedding moment

Celebrant Flynny couldn't quite keep the mood up when this poor nervous man had some bodily noises escape by accident...


Lana realises she's been changing kids bed sheets wrong for years

It finally hit her!


JMac's bizarre food question leaves The Breakfast Club stumped

Any but JMac wondered this?


Flynny's song for Opononi on the Milo Kiwi Road Trip

Our first Milo Kiwi Road Trip!


Jay-Jay conquers her sand dune fears in Opononi on the Milo Kiwi Road Trip

Would you be able to slide down a sandbank head first?