Zed's Nathan King performs a medley of their best hits 

We can't wait to see the full band live!

1 hour ago

Breast cancer survivor Sarah Gandy shares the 9 warnings signs of your breasts

With Jay-Jay unwell today, we asked (trapped in the studio) our good friend and breast cancer survivor Sarah Gandy to join our show for the afternoon.

1 hour ago

Navvy plays a few rounds of the 'Somebody Else' song game

Navvy visits the studio to chat about her dabbling in lockdown activities.


Flynny's perfect BBQ dream in salute to the coming summer

If Flynny did create a meat seasoning rub - hopefully we'd think of a better name that "Flynny's Rub".


Jay-Jay's nephew competes to be NZ's cutest broadcaster with their Top 5

Jay-Jay's nephews want a piece of the radio action in their own Top 5 segment! 


Lana's missing cat Leaf has made his way home after 10 days



Flynny's taking swimming lessons for the first time

What are you learning for the first time at an older age?


Gary is shocked by Lana's weird reason for refusing to ever answer the door


Alex Flynn shares his encouraging message for Mental Health Awareness Week

An encouraging message for all Kiwis doing it a bit tough.


Guy Sebastian's virtual concert for listener Emily