Jay-Jay confesses a secret about her love life

For the past couple of years, Jay-Jay has been enjoying the single gal's life. But behind the scenes, she has met "someone"...

4 minutes ago

Gary challenges the rest of the team to have a naked sauna together

These mental images can't be unseen...

6 hours ago

Breakfast Club discover how doorbells are secretly causing chaos for Kiwis

This is so odd!


No one understands why Jay-Jay hates the beach

Jay-Jay's just looking for someone who loves to travel, explore new places, and hates long walks on the beach...


Flynny describes the lives of yoga instructors and courier drivers

Flynny is back making personality predictions based on people's jobs.


Jase has a bonding moment with his son over his flat tyre

When Jase's car found itself with a flat tyre on the way home, Jase's son Louis had a look in his eyes that got Jase to step up to the plate.


Jase has the worst spa session with a hedgehog

Nothing quite gets you out of the water faster than unwanted floaters...


Gary was mortified after finding out how old Speedy thought he was

He was quite a way off!


Gary takes things next level after Speedy confronts him about a loaned book

JMac couldn't believe what Gary did!


Stan Walker and Hamo Dell talk about duets with 'bros' and Googling yourself

Fair to say that some of Stan Walker's Google results aren't true!