Gary's workplace Christmas carol leaves The Breakfast Club in hysterics

We're not sure if this will become a Christmas classic Gaz!

3 hours ago

Jase reveals his hack to disguising laziness when it comes to cooking dinner

So easy, fun and loved by the whole family!


The Breakfast Club's 'bread challenge' ends in chaos



Jase & Jay-Jay can't help but laugh at callers infectious giggle

Hands down the best caller of the day!


The Breakfast Club debate if children should be put on leashes in public

What are your thoughts?


Jase, Jay-Jay & Money Man Matt reveal the official FINAL Jingle Bail total

We tallied up the rest of the donations that rolled in over the weekend and are blown away by our final result!


Jase says a not-so-fond farewell to the Frozen Coke Machine neighbour at Jingle Bail

Jase had some words to share as they left the Jingle Bail cell.


Lana shares the shocking story of how her parents dealt with a furry intruder

We've got no words!


Jay-Jay Facetimes Jase while they're in the cell

Even though they were just metres from each other, they both felt the need to Facetime.


Jay-Jay goes wild during Jase's Karaoke Night

Jase & Jay-Jay couldn't sleep... so they booted up the karaoke machine instead.