The Breakfast Club receive their official DNA test results with a shock twist

Looks like a couple members of The Breakfast Club are closer than you might think...

1 hour ago

Jase gets caught trying to bribe someone to sneak him out of our work function

Jason 'Party-Ninja' Gunn strikes again!


Is this the sound of Flynny snoring or a grizzly bear in Queenstown?

The sound of two wild animals fighting was heard all through Queenstown Winter Festival...


More FM at Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival

We had the best time this weekend at the Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival 2019!


Jay-Jay has an 'Unmarriage' ceremony

Today was a weird, emotional time for Jay-Jay, returning to Queenstown.


Dancing with a Stranger: Jess & Taylor decide if they will be more than dance partners

Did one dance start a spark?


Will strangers Jess and Taylor find love at first dance?

Is it possible to find that spark from one dance with a stranger?


PM Jacinda Ardern shares what sort of gift she's considering for Neve's first birthday

With baby Neve's birthday coming up, it's always quite the dilemma to decide - what do you get your first-born on their first birthday?


Gary shares the unbelievable story that happened to his family

It was a clean sweep for the McCormick's!


Manu Vatuvei originally turned down Dancing with the Stars NZ

Imagine Dancing with the Stars without champion Manu Vatuvei!