How to Play The National Anthem On Your Washing Machine

Here's how you can play the National Anthem on your Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine, whether you're after the NZ, Australian or US anthem.
Before you start, the machine must be turned on at the wall switch, but off at the machine.
Press and Hold the Advance button, and press Power button.
Push and Hold the Water Temp Up button for 2 seconds. The tune will begin to play.
To change the Tune: Press and Hold the Water Level Up button for 2 seconds.
And then Hold the Water Temp Up button for 2 seconds.
A new tune will begin to play You can scroll through the three songs.
To cancel and return to normal settings:
Turn the power off at the wall switch.
This works on older machines by trying the following combination:
Press and Hold the Wash Temp Down button and the Spin Speed Up button and the Start/Pause button, simultaneously, for 3 seconds.
A fun Easter egg and a patriotic machine!