Ashton Kutcher, James Corden, and Danny Masterson form a Dad Band

Former 'That's 70s Show' actors Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson joined James Corden to form the adult version of boy bands - a Dad band.
The threesang “I’m A Dad,” as part of the Dad Band 'The Puff Daddies' on 'The Late, Late Show.'
Focusing on how boy band members grow up to become dads, they point out how boy band lyrics have to change to suit fatherhood.
"I don't play games, except for Peek-a-boo," they sing. "When I talk about my baby, girl, I don't mean you. I mean my literal baby."
"I'm never at the club, but I'm up all night long. My kid hates bedtime and wakes up at dawn," they sing. "So all I need is you girl, and a lot more sleep. Just hold my hand when we cross the street."
And of course - there are embarrassing Dad dance moves to go with it...
Watch their debut performance above!