Chris Hemsworth tries to answer his daughter's "down there" request

What do you do when your daughter asks for "the things in between the legs"?
Actor Chris Hemsworth had to think for an answer for his daughter when she became jealous that her twin brothers, Sasha and Tristan, have penises and she didn't.
"She was like, ‘ya know, the things in between the legs that you have'," he told Ellen DeGeneres.
“I was like, ‘Oh ... um ... well, you see ... girls have breasts.'"
“I don’t want breasts,” replied his four-year-old India Rose. “She goes, ‘I really want one.’ I’m like, ‘A penis?’ And she’s like, ‘I want a penis!’”
And while Chris was racking his brains to try and think of the right thing to say, we think his response was perfect:
“I was like ... ‘Ya know what, you can be whatever you want to be.’ And she goes ‘Thanks, dad!’ Runs off to the playground and that was it," Chris said.
Watch him explain his story in the video above.