Jemaine Clement features in new 'The BFG' trailer

'The Flight of the Conchords' member and actor Jemaine Clement has voiced one of the major characters in the new Disney 'The BFG' film.
In the new Steven Spielberg film, the Kiwi will be voicing one of Roald Dahl's giants, Fleshlumpeater. Jemaine, who has voiced other characters in movies like Rio and Men in Black 3, can be heard at the end of the trailer as the antagonist leader who faces off against the Big Friendly Giant.
Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance plays the titular role, and other cast members include Bill Hader, Ruby Barnhill and Rebecca Hall.
Disney's The BFG is set for release in July this year.
Watch the new trailer for The BFG in the video above.