Eight-year-old girl questions clothing slogans on kids clothing

An eight-year-old girl called Daisy has asked her mum, and the world, why children's clothing has sexist messages.
In a video filmed by her mum, Daisy Edmonds talks about the tees, printed by American supermarket Tescos. for having contrasting slogans on their t-shirts for boys and girls.
While the boys' feature prints like "Desert Adventure Awaits", "Hero" and "Think Outside The Box", the girls' versions say "Hey!", "Beautiful" and "I Feel Fabulous."
"It’s unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous."
Daisy was so frustrated by the inequality of inspirational and aspirational messages that her mum filmed her reaction and posted it on Facebook. It's since received more than four million views.