Teenager spends $35,000 to look like David Beckham

This teen isn't just getting attention for how he tries to look like David Beckham, but how he's funding his procedures...
The 19-year-old UK teen, Jack Johnson, idolises the footballer so much that he has splashed £20,000 ($35,000 NZD) on cosmetic treatments including Botox injections, lip fillers and teeth fillers.
And while he's not a football fan, he thinks the money he's spent is completely worth it.
However, the teenager has been funding his look with around £15,000 he receives as a benefit per year while he's been unemployed.
Jack still has plans to get a hair transplant along with a hand tattoo to match the England star, and is hoping to undergo gastric band surgery - procedures that would cost another £30,000.
Watch him discuss why looking like David Beckham will make him happy in the video above.