The first 'Dog-lympics' has just taken place in Rio!

The Olympics and the Paralympics may be over, but Rio's pooches have embraced the Olympic spirit and taken part in the first-ever Dog Olympic Games.
Dozens of dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes competed for medals in events, including running, obstacle courses and a number of pool-based events.
"Many people here today have been to the Olympic Park to watch the Games and are here today to cheer for their dogs, their four-legged children," says organiser Marco Antonio Toto.
Nine-month-old beagle Mima won gold in aquatic jumping after competing for the first time.
"It was super interesting because I didn't even know she had all this talent," her owner, Aura Stella, says.
"I started running and she started running after me and won the gold medal in the Olympics.
"She was a champion, a doggy champion."
Organisers hope it can become an annual tournament for local doggies.