The 'Macarena' isn't as innocent as you may think

Despite being one of the biggest dance songs of the 90’s, many people don’t realise what the ‘Macarena’ is actually about.
The catchy song by Los Del Rio has been played at weddings, birthday parties and even school disco’s… But we can’t help but think that if these people 
looked at the lyrics a bit closer they may have changed their minds.
The song is famous for its easy to learn dance moves, and most people think that the ‘Macarena’ is just a song teaching you how to do them… They’d be 
Macarena is actually a person and she’s been up to some pretty sinister stuff. While her boyfriend is out of town with the army, she cheats on him with 2
of his best friends!
So you might want to think twice before you bust this one out at the next family event.