Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson accused of stealing 'Uptown Funk'

Another hit song that's generated millions for its writers has been hit with a plagiarism lawsuit.
This time it's Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' 'Uptown Funk'.
The suit's been filed by Collage, an electro-funk band from Minneapolis, who say the 2014 hit "is an obvious, strikingly and/or substantially similar copy" of their 1983 single, 'Young Girls'.
They point to the songs' "distinct funky specifically noted and timed consistent guitar riffs present throughout the compositions, virtually if not identical bass notes and sequence, rhythm, structure, crescendo of horns and synthesizers rendering the compositions almost indistinguishable if played over each other and strikingly similar if played in consecutively".
Collage are the third band to accuse Ronson and Mars of ripping them off in 'Uptown Funk'. The Sequence claimed the pair ripped off their song 'Funk You Up', but didn't take it to court, while Serbian singer Snezana Miskovic said it ripped off her song ' Dark Streets Are Not For Girls'.
Hear the two songs mashed together in the video above.
Images: Youtube