Celebrities start taking part in viral Mannequin Challenge

The 90's girl group Destiny's Child, as well as TV host Ellen DeGeneres, have filmed themselves taking part in the new viral challenge.
Labelled as the new viral internet craze in the category as The Ice Bucket Challenge and Running Man Challenge, the Mannequin Challenge has participants acting frozen mid-action in a video as music plays.
The trend was originally started by American students, and has since moved on to American sports stars, and now female celebrities.
Destiny Child members Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams reunited and took part in the meme, which sees Lauryn Hill's 'Every Ghetto, Every City' played over them as they pretend to play a game of catch.
TV host Ellen DeGeneres filmed her own with her daytime show crew and staff playing around their office.
Watch Destiny's Child take part in the Mannequin Challenge above, and Ellen DeGeneres's office do the Mannequin Challenge below: