Ellen DeGeneres tears up as she receives one of the President's highest honours

Ellen DeGeneres teared up today as she received The Presidential Medal of Freedom from US President Barack Obama.
The TV Host was one of 21 stars who received the highest honour a civilian can get, the ceremony took place in Washington DC.
As Ellen took the stage, she was clearly overcome with emotion as she listened to an announcer speak about her achievements.
“In a career spanning three decades, Ellen DeGeneres has lifted our spirits and brought joy to our lives as a stand-up comic, actor, and television star. In 
every role, she reminds us to be kind to one another and to treat people as each of us wants to be treated. At pivotal moments, her courage and candor helped change the minds and hearts of millions of Americans, accelerating our nation’s constant drive toward equality and acceptance for all. Again and again, Ellen DeGeneres has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open, more loving place, so long as we ‘just keep swimming.’”
Her day wasn't without controversy though - she almost didn't make it inside the White House after she forgot her ID!
The video of Ellen accepting the award has been viewed millions of times online. 
Congrats Ellen, you totally deserve this!
Images: Getty