Man proposes to his girlfriend who's battling cancer on live TV!

Audiences of Australian TV show The Project were left speechless after a man surpirsed his girldfriend Tara by proposing to her on live TV!
Carrie Bickmore, a host on the show gave a special speech about Tara before Jarrod dropped to one knee to pop the question...
"We just wanted to give a shout-out to one of our audience members tonight who's here with us," Bickmore says. "She's had a huge year — she's been battling breast cancer, she's almost finished her chemo, we know you're a huge fan of the show, Tara ... we just wanted to say to you keep fighting, good luck, we're all behind you." Bickmore said.
From there, Jarrod ceased the moment and left Tara completely shocked!
"Tara is probably the strongest, most toughest person I've ever met. She's the best mum, she's the best partner, she's my best friend. We make the best team." From there, Tara said yes and we couldn't be happier for them.
A New Zealand version of the hit Australian show will air on TV3 from early next year. TV3 says "The Project will combine current affairs and entertainment in a unique way, promising audiences an intelligent, informative and engaging half-hour mix of the stories that matter from New Zealand and around the world."
See the full video below...