Polar bear makes an unlikely friend with a dog

An incredible video of a polar bear tenderly patting a husky dog in the Canadian city of Manitoba has made waves across the world.
The incredible footage was filmed by David De Meulles, a part-time tour guide who happened to be showing tourists round his hometown of Churchill when he came across the scarcely believable scene.
"I've known the bears to have somewhat friendly behaviour with the dogs, but for a bear to pet like a human would pet a dog is just mind-blowing," he told CBC.
"It was a beautiful sight to see, and I just can't believe an animal that big would show that kind of heart toward another animal."
The footage shows the large bear, which totally dwarfs the husky in size, approaching curiously and stretching out a paw to stroke its back.
The video has proved hugely popular online, garnering more than 3 million views on YouTube.