Robotic fish 'companions' could be the next craze

The makers of a lifelike robotic fish say they hope to one day see it "cruising in the lakes, rivers, and eventually the oceans all around the world".
Japanese company Airo has just shown off its Marine Intelligent Robot, MIRO for short, at Tokyo Design Week.
"In the coming future, when you are alone at home, you will be able to make friends with MIRO, as a companion in the artistically crafted aquarium," the 
company's website reads.
The fish are remarkably lifelike in their movement, but the illusion is somewhat shattered once they're out of the water. Each fish is
53cm long and weighs 2.8kg - about the length of an average newborn baby, and only marginally lighter.
More than 35 million Robofish have been sold since 2013.