'Superwoman' shuts down sexist commenter by teaching him how to make a sandwich

A female YouTuber has uploaded the perfect sandwich tutorial aimed at the sexists who think women belong in the kitchen.
YouTuber 'Lilly Singh', who goes by the name 'Superwoman', was given a hateful comment from a viewer that told her she wasn't funny, and that she should be in the kitchen "making me a sandwich".
And while she says she never responds to haters, she took exception to this one - by teaching him how easy it was to make a sandwich. And she gets the message across.
"On a cutting board, chop up your onions," she says in the video above. "Now if you start to painfully tear up, don't worry, now you know how your mother feels when she sees how you've turned out."
See more of her sassy digs at inequality, and the insecurities of sexist people in the video above.