Si & Gary: Gary gets saved from car wreck by top rescue squad

You may not even know these competitions exist but you're about to meet the NZ crash rescue team who compete to get people out of cars in record time.
Story went along to a simulated accident scene and became the crash test dummy.
It's noisy, frightening and claustrophobic and if the scenario was real, you would add shock and pain.
The team is made up of everyday heroes  from Geraldine and together they are officially the best crash rescue squad in Australasia.
Each member of the team has day jobs and they were competing against professionals from big cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.
The team are now fundraising to compete in the world championships in Romania.
So how fast can they rescue people from the car?
More FM radio host Gary McCormick and reporter Julian Lee trapped themselves in to find out live on television.