The 'Bulb Bandit' has stolen over 150 Christmas lights from this unsuspecting family

Move over The Grinch, someone else is trying to steal Christmas!
'The Bulb Bandit' has been spotted many times outside a family home in the US. The cheeky squirrel is on a mission to steal as many Christmas bulbs as he can, so far he's stolen more than 150! 
The video was uploaded to YouTube with the caption "This video is about our Christmas Squirrel Bandit. He has stolen 150 colorful Christmas bulbs within 24 hours. He is stashing them in our yard, and our neighbors' yards. Many have been found. Some speculate that he is using some of the bulbs for insulting
his nest for winter. In any case, he's sure cute and is fun to watch. Happy Holidays!"
See The Bulb Bandit in action in the video above.