Aussie presenter Richard 'Dickie' Wilkins, walks off a live show after his hair was joked about

He's a very well known New Zealand-born Australian entertainment reporter and most people know his face very well. On Wednesday Richard 'Dickie' Wilkins, took the spotlight when he stormed out of a live Today show. 

The awkward moment started when Sylvia Jefferys made a comment about Dickie's hair, giggling afterwards. They had just played a viral video of a toddler yelling at a T-rex, "Maybe it's Dickie's hair!" 

After a bit of back and forth, trying to explain the comment and Dickie looking unimpressed, he stood up and walked out.

This storm out has come only days after fellow presenter Amber Sherlock, went viral for her nasty way of insisting her colleague put a jacket on so they weren't wearing the same colour.