Ellen DeGeneres meets a six-year-old science podcaster with adorable spirits

Ellen interviewed a bubbly young boy who knows a lot about science, he even has his own podcast where he interviews scientists. Ellen says, "When I was 6, I ate crayons." I think most of us can relate to her comment. 

Nate Butkus, podcast is, The Show About Science and It features episodes like "Climate Change, Evolution and Bacon with John Wiens," "Fake Sugar and Fruit Flies with Monica Dus," and "The Case of the Invisibility Cloak with Andrea Alu."

So far, the six-year-old has made $500 off his podcasts and spent a lump of it very wisely. He bought a custom bobble head of himself. 

It's obvious Nate has an outgoing, entrepreneurial personality. And we hope he keeps up with sharing his passion with the world.