Kids make the most out of the 'weather bomb' and turn a skate park into a pool!

A group of Greymouth children were determined the 'weather bomb' wouldn't stop them from having their summer fun. 
The bowl at the local skatepark filled with more than a metre of water from the heavy rainfall that drenched the West Coast Wednesday night.  
Locals, Alex Fraser, 12, Kaleb Holden, 12, Darian Slater-Ramage, 13 and John Tierney, 9, traded dropping in for tail-sliding into to the pop-up swimming pool.
Instead of waxing rails, the group soaped the sides with dishwashing liquid to carve new lines in to the bowl. 
Mother Kate Bryant says the skaters were in the new pool for hours, with at least 10 eager swimmers taking a dip as patchy rain continued to fall. 
"We came down and had a bit of a pool party, I had to pull them out as their lips were going blue," she says.
"It's a bit of fun out of a bad situation."