Man captures the moment he skis off a cliff

A skier in the United States has defied the odds by walking away from a terrifying fall without even a bruise. 
Devin Stratton strapped on his Gopro camera and took off for what he thought was a routine ski.

In his video, posted to Instagram yesterday, he appears not to realise he's heading towards the edge of a 45m cliff until it's too late. After losing control over a bump, he flies off the edge.

Mr Stratton was captured in freefall for several seconds, before landing in the thick drifts of snow below.

Miraculously, he was left completely uninjured, writing in the post that only his gear was broken.

"Turns out I am afraid of heights... Miraculously I didn't even have a bruise! he wrote "I did break a lot of gear including my helmet. Thanks to Matt for helping me dig for nearly 5 hours I found my lost ski and skied down.#jerryoftheday".

At the end of the video, a shocked Mr Stratton can be seen looking back up towards the ledge, saying "thank you".

Several ski gear companies have commented on his video, offering to replace his broken gear for free.