7-year-old Ryan is fighting to save the planet with his own recycling company

There are a few important reasons why 7-year-old Ryan Hickman loves recycling: It keeps bottles and cans out of the ocean which saves animals' lives, it saves our planet, and is making money for himself and charity. 

When Ryan was a little over 3-years-old, his dad took him on a trip to the recycling center. Since then, Ryan was inspired to keep up the good work. 
"We got home with maybe, like, five bucks and then I went out into the street and said, 'ta-da ... I have my own business," he said.
Ryan has a couple of business partners who have helped him recycle over 200,000 bottles and cans. His company, Ryan's Recycling has donated nearly $2,000 to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.