Dads join daughters in special father-daughter ballet class

A Philadelphia dance centre has held a special Valentine's session for dads and their daughters to attend.
The daughters definitely showed up their fathers, but it wasn't for lack of effort on the dads' behalf. Their fathers certainly didn't quite have the form and poise of their daughters, but they put on a pretty impressive show.
In invites sent out to parents, dads - or other family members - were asked to take part in their daughters' lessons.
The dance centre was "overwhelmed" when their videos of the dancing duos took off online.
"Thank you for recognizing the beauty, love, and joy that dance can bring into the world. It just proves that art, love and family are the international language", the studio wrote in a Facebook post.
The mums had two hip-hop nights with their children, but it was the dads who really shone.