Ellen DeGeneres gets Jamie Dornan in bed for "fourth" Fifty Shades of Grey sequel

They may have filmed the second and third 'Fifty Shades' films - but Ellen has her sights set on the fourth, starring herself.
Ellen DeGeneres joked with 'Fifty Shades' star Jamie Dornan about signing for a fourth film for the series - and while there are only three original books for the three movies, Ellen had planned out the plot of the fourth.
The Irish actor, wearing a pretty hideous wig, has the roles reversed on him when Ellen turns up to seduce him, dressed in interesting "sexy" clothing. 
And since it's not the same red room as before, Ellen came prepared with her own "toys" - such as staples, sticky tape, and other strange office supplies. 
Watch how she tapes Christian Grey to the bed in her 'Fifty Shades Darkest' parody.