Hollywood tour group get surprise Oscars meet and greet

A bus load of tourists on a sightseeing tour of Los Angeles have been given the ultimate celeb spotting experience, after being brought into the Oscars ceremony.
The group thought they were about to walk into an exhibit at the Dolby Theatre, but instead were led into the front of the live ceremony.
Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel ordered for the lights to be turned down as they first entered, "so we can really surprise them".
The group were visibly shocked and overjoyed as, dressed in sensible walking gear and ready to snap photos on their phones, they were led in front of the crowd of A-list celebrities.
"Welcome to the Dolby Theatre" Jimmy Kimmel told the stunned group as the entered.
"This is the home of the Academy Awards which are in fact happening right now."
The tourists, including "Gary from Chicago" and his fiance Vicky, were introduced to celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Aniston.
Denzel Washington even pronounced two of the Gary and Vicky husband and wife.
The jury remains out on whether the stunt was staged, but it is definitely one of the more entertaining ones we've seen at the Oscars.