Teen ditches school to see Bruce Springsteen and ends up singing with him live on stage!

One teenager found a very good excuse for missing school: playing on-stage with Bruce Springsteen.
During a Thursday concert at Australia’s Brisbane Entertainment Center, teenager Nathan Testa caught the Boss’ attention with a cheeky sign that read, “Missed school, in the s***, now can I play ‘Growin’ Up’ with you?”
“You know it on guitar?”, Springsteen asked upon noticing the sign. After an enthusiastic “yes!,” Springsteen told him, “Come on up!”
Testa hopped up on stage where Springsteen’s guitar tech, Kevin Buell, handed him an acoustic guitar. To Testa’s credit, he did in fact know the song, strumming the tune from Springsteen’s 1973 debut album “Greetings From Asbury Park” and even sharing the mic with the musician at some points.
Hopefully something like this happens at one of his NZ shows!