This baby's reaction to getting new glasses is adorable!

A baby's reaction to seeing his mother through his new glasses is downright adorable.
Emil, from Denmark, has been prescribed with +7.0 glasses - pretty strong for a little tyke.
In a clip uploaded to Instagram, he's sitting contently when his mother slips the new frames on.
He looks around slightly bewildered, before cracking into a wide grin, looking straight up at his mother.
His mother, Christine Rosenhøj, told TV East that although Emil's reaction has been viewed thousands of times online, he's not letting the fame go to his head.
"I do not believe that Emil is aware of it. He is accustomed to visits, so he takes it all very quietly. He is not the mark of his new fame."
She's since posted a serious of adorable shots and videos with Emil and his new glasses.