Dog absolutely loses it on racecourse to hilarious results

If you're worried you're struggling to control your pet dog, never fear - even trainers at the world's premier dog show struggle to handle their canines from time to time.
At Crufts in Birmingham, a hugely enthusiastic Jack Russell named Olly completed the agility course - but his run was marred with myriad hilarious bails, mistimed jumps and pure confusion about what direction to travel in.
His handler Karen had no idea how to make Olly do the right things at the right times, and often had to lead him through many components of the course twice to ensure he completed everything in the proper fashion.
Making the uproarious run even more hilarious was the commentary - the Crufts announcer hardly able to contain his laughter throughout the entire minute-long run.
In a pair of slow-motion replays, he openly expresses his amusement as he watches Olly collapse face-first through a hurdle, and jump unconventionally down a steep slope.
Olly, unsurprisingly, did not win Crufts' agility contest - but it's clear he was having the time of his life.