Kiwi meme girls' have some advice for going viral: 'Be funny'

Three's The Project host Jesse Mulligan got more than he bargained for when he asked the Kiwi classic meme girls how to go viral.
Comedian cousins Jess (6) and Ayva (5) Alexander-Pua  have recreated some of New Zealand's most well-known and popular viral videos including 'Nek minnit', 'It's Richie McCoy!", the 'Tell me when pukana' and the classic Shortland Street 'Please tell me that is not your penis' scene.
It's certainly struck a chord with Kiwis, with some even saying the girls need their own television show.
"So Jess and Ava, we're always trying to get attention on the internet, you know, to go viral. What advice can you give us to get more people watching our stuff online," Mulligan asked the pair.
And they showed off their quick wit.
"Be funny?" one answered.
"Yeah ok. Great advice. Thank you," Mulligan replied.
"Never work with dogs or children," guest Bill Ralston added.